No Two Parties Will Ever Be the Same!


One of the most fun parts of this job is seeing the final set up complete. We discuss details at length and mentally plan the set up, but you never know exactly what it will look like until it is finished. The 'Spa Night' theme  has been a very popular party theme lately. Little girls love getting pampered and we don't blame them. But guess what.... even if we did a spa party every night, every party would look different!

When you book a party, you get to decide the details. We ask for your child's favorite color and their preferences. Our first spa party wanted lavender to be their main color, the second wanted some more pink details, and the third wanted hot pink and silver details. All so different and also beautiful! Each party matching that child's personality. 

We absolutely love making your child's vision a reality! 
Contact us to set up a slumber party for your family. 

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